Bank Account Schemes Utilize Emails and Websites


Victory State Bank, Staten Island’s only community-based commercial bank, is reminding business owners and consumers to remain on guard against two common schemes that seek to steal your money: “Phishing” and “Vishing.”

The United States Department of Justice describes these ploys as forms of mass-marketing fraud that involve tricking potential victims into providing their bank or financial account data. The aim of participants in the scheme is to gain unauthorized access to those accounts and siphon off funds or charge goods to the victims’ accounts. These types of schemes may also involve identity theft.

As defined by the Department of Justice, Phishing is the use of emails and websites that falsely purport to be associated with legitimate banks, financial institutions, or companies, but that manipulate Internet users into disclosing personal and financial data.

Vishing is the telephone equivalent of Phishing. Fraudsters often call prospective victims, pretending to be officials with the victim’s bank and seek to trick the person into disclosing banking details during the call.

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