Victory State Bank Reminds You To Protect Your Personal Information

Victory State Bank Reminds You To Protect Your Personal Information

     As many as nine million Americans’ identities are stolen each year, according to the New York City Department of Consumer affairs.

To help protect your identity, Victory State Bank suggests following these important tips from the city agency:

Be alert to suspicious offers by phone, mail, text, and email.

Avoid giving personal information over the phone, by email, text, or on social media sites. Never click on unfamiliar email links even if they are from sources you trust; they could be “phishing” scams that trick you into sharing personal information by looking trustworthy. And remember email addresses and phone numbers can be spoofed (or faked) to look like they are from someone you know.

Protect your computer, tablet, and smartphone against viruses and “malware” with security and ­firewall software.

Avoid typing your personal information when using unsecured Wi-Fi; create strong, personal passwords; and only download software and apps from trusted sources. Don’t overshare personal information on social media sites and be cautious with geotagging softwares.

Visit for more information on how to be safe, secure and responsible online.

• Be careful when using public computers.

 Delete any personal documents and empty the Recycle Bin on the desktop before you log off. Check Internet settings and make sure the computer is set to delete your browsing history. Never use your credit or debit card to make online purchases on public computers.

• Review your free credit report every year.

As one way to see if you have been the victim of identity theft, download your free annual credit report at

• Limit the cards you carry with you.

Only carry credit or debit cards you plan to use and store others in a safe place. Never carry your Social Security card in your purse or wallet.


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