Victory State Bank Spotlights Travel Offer Scam



Victory State Bank Spotlights Travel Offer Scam


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Are you beginning to make your holiday travel arrangements? Or, perhaps dreaming of a warm getaway far from the chilly New York air? Victory State Bank would like to advise you of a “free” travel offer scam.
The Federal Trade Commission says in these scams, the company — whose name appears to be that of a well-known airline — urge you to act quickly, or you might miss this “last chance.” They even sent a “voucher” for the tickets.
Before signing up for a “free” travel voucher, ask yourself the following questions:
  • What did I do to deserve this? It’s beyond improbable that you’ll get free airline tickets — or anything similar— out of the blue. Even if you entered a contest or sweepstakes, it’s unlikely that you’d get this kind of prize scot-free. The offer of something for nothing is a big red flag.
  • What’s the rush? “Act now…” “Last chance …” ”We’ve been trying to reach you ...” “Final attempt…” These are some of the phrases dishonest marketers and scam artists use to make you do something before thinking it though. Their object is to get you on the phone so they can pitch the urgency of their “offer.” Taking some time to think about it will spare you their fast talk — and possibly protect you from being ripped off.
  • What’s the catch? While some of the best things in life may be free, the best material things typically cost money. For example, even if there’s a chance of free airline tickets, you probably will be required to sit through a marathon, high-pressure sales pitch to get you to join a travel club, buy a timeshare, or otherwise commit money, sooner or later. In other words, the offer is not so “free” after all. And if you see the term “certain restrictions,” assume many restrictions will apply.
  • What’s that name again? Many scammers and dishonest marketers use names that sound very similar to legitimate airlines or other companies. Search the name of the company that sent you the letter to check on news articles or complaints. Check several sources: some companies flout the law even further by paying people to write fake endorsements.




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