Profits For Many In Sunday's Big Football Event


Staten Island business bank says gains abound for local establishments



STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Patrons this week have already been calling the signals: Snack platters, 3-foot sandwiches, beverages galore, big-screen TV purchases, and invitations to friends and neighbors.


Victory State Bank, Staten Island's only community-based commercial bank, observes that super parties for the annual Super Bowl extend into other ways the borough increases its spending.

For example, hosting a gathering might mean making sure beforehand that a sewer drain won't back up –

 and there's no flag on that play – so this may warrant a call to a plumber.

Not only have supermarkets been poised for super sales, but also take-out establishments tend to do well. Think pizza deliveries.

While the bank wishes you an enjoyable time in watching the game, there's little doubt, it says, that such a popular event amounts to super business all around.

Just how popular is it? That's what a recent Harris poll sought to measure, and Harris reports that pro football is, indeed, America's favorite sport, well ahead of baseball.

“With 'The Big Game' just around the corner,” Harris said last week, “football fans may be starting to wonder whether or not their beloved game is still America's Favorite Sport.”

Back in 1985, the polling firm said, there was only a one-point difference between the percentage of American adults who followed at least one sport and considered pro football (24 percent) or baseball (23 percent) to be their favorite.

Currently, though, “pro football is still America's Favorite Sport – now by a 16-point margin over baseball. Pro football is the top pick among 32 percent of sports fans, while baseball only garners 'favorite' status among half as many Americans (16 percent),” Harris found.

“However, baseball enthusiasts can feel good that their sport of choice has managed a two percent point increase from last year's 14 percent, while football saw a three-point decrease from 2013's 35 percent – meaning the gap between the two narrowed by five points year-over-year.”

The pollsters added that “As if only to reaffirm the sport's widespread appeal, men's college football comes in as America's third favorite sport, with 10 percent of adults supporting its claim, though, like its professional counterpart, this sport has also seen a narrow decrease from last year's 11 percent.




Though the total percentage of sports fans considering pro football to be their favorite is 32 percent, some demographics are more attached to the game than others, the polling discovered.

“Generation X (43 percent), Easterners (37 percent), and moderates (35 percent) are the demographics most likely to consider pro football to be their favorite sport. Meanwhile, the lowest numbers can be found among millennials (25 percent), adults who have completed post-graduate degrees (25 percent), and liberals (26 percent),” Harris says.

As for baseball, the largest percentages can also be found among easterners (23 percent), liberals (22 percent) and baby-boomers (20 percent). Meanwhile, those who consider baseball their favorite sport are less abundant among Midwesterners (12 percent), millennials (12 percent), and adults with children in their households (10 percent).

“While easterners were among the most likely to be top fans of pro football and post-grads were some of the least likely, the roles are reversed when it comes to college football,” the polls found.

Post-grads (22 percent), southerners (16 percent), and conservatives (16 percent) contain the highest percentages of adults who consider college football to be their favorite sport.

On the other hand, easterners (3 percent), adults living in an urban area (6 percent), and adults with household incomes under $35,000 (6 percent) are least likely favor college football in this way, according to Harris.




When the Harris Poll asked Americans who enjoy watching sports what it is they actually enjoy about it, the largest percentage (63 percent) confirmed that they enjoy watching because of the skill involved.

More than half also enjoy the rivalry between teams (57 percent), teamwork (55 percent), athleticism (54 percent), and strategy (51 percent).

“Around two out of five sports viewers like to use watching sports as an opportunity for showing team pride (41 percent), as well as enjoying the social aspect of watching with friends (38 percent)."

Meanwhile, roughly three in t10 sports viewers enjoy watching for reasons such as the family tradition of watching (31 percent), speed of play (31 percent), and the camaraderie with other fans (28 percent).

Certain aspects of sports viewership also resonate with some demographics more than with others.


§  Millennials are more likely than their counterparts in any other generation to appreciate the social aspect of watching with friends (50 percent vs. 39 percent Gen Xers, 32 percent baby boomers, and 20 percent matures).


§  Viewers in the eastern and western regions of America are more likely than those in the Midwest and south to favor watching sports for the athleticism (60 percent & 59 percent vs. 49 percent each respectively).


§  Two reasons for watching that appeal more to female viewers than their male counterparts are the social aspects of watching with friends (42 percent vs. 35 percent) and the family tradition of watching (37 percent vs. 26 percent).


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