What Happened To That Weight-Loss Plan?

Staten Island commercial bank says post-game quarterbacking may help workers



STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Most, if not all, of Sunday’s Super Bowl gatherings likely had a lot of tailgate foods that weren't in the safety zone, which means woe to many workers' resolutions.


Victory State Bank, Staten Island's only community-based business bank, commiserates with the allure of temptations at a social event, but suggests that “social” may also lead to redemption.

Right about now, those New Year's resolutions typically need some reinforcement, and workplace efforts to help employees stay on track can get sidelined without a bit of tweaking.

Conveniently, a university has studied certain motivations associated with weight loss and found that social media can provide positive influence.

It turns out, though, that after support from clinicians decreases, people who are engaged with social media during the maintenance interval do well in the context of shedding weight.

Keeping them actively engaged in these programs can be a challenge, however, so that's where social media can help.

Recent research by the Arnold School of Health at the University of South Carolina sought to learn what kinds of posts were effective in spurring interaction

The analysis considered aspects like the source of a post, such as another participant or a counselor seen as a trusted health authority, as well as the structure of the post.

Researchers hypothesized that the most active participants would have the most weight loss over a four-month maintenance period, and that posts from the counselors would bring in the most user interactions.

Participants were recruited for a weight-loss study that included a four-month support period for follow-up to test the effects of different diets for weight loss.

Joining the Facebook group for the particular diet plan assigned to each participant was optional. Counselors posted five different types of posts to each diet group each weekday for the maintenance period.

Examples of some of the post types include a brief poll asking participants, “What’s the most challenging meal for you to prepare each day? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks?” or sharing recipes that fell within the assigned diet.

The counselors then tallied the number of Facebook interactions, which included views to a post, likes, responses from either another participant or a counselor, and self-initiated posts.

“The findings … show that people may engage with social media more if the messages they are reading encourage them to respond in some way or provide suggestions to help others,” said lead author Sarah B. Hales.

The post type that garnered the highest engagement was in response to polls, with a significantly greater number of poll votes and comments by participants in response to a counselor posting a poll, compared to the other four post types.

Posts by counselors soliciting feedback, offered suggestions, and weight-related posts also prompted the most engagement within the social media support group.

“More research should be conducted to determine what differences may exist in how support is provided via social media versus traditional methods in clinical settings,” said Hales.

The university posited that this information can aid in designing future interventions that are delivered via remote technology or to find other ways to use social media to provide the needed support to people to engage in and maintain healthy behaviors, like healthy eating and physical activity.


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