Student Travel Enriches Business Persona

Staten Island commercial bank says travel may enhance skills sought by employers


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Business owners who have a young adult in the family may want to introduce travel experiences as steps in building an eventual workplace persona.


Victory State Bank, Staten Island's only community-based business bank, suggests that attributes influenced by travel can convey desirable abilities for career paths.

Especially with international travel, a student can gain independence, become accustomed to being away from home, and learn about relating to a different part of the world.

A college professor has come up with five pointers about making the most of travel while not sacrificing enjoyment.

The first item in the list by Karen Jacobs, Ed.D., a professor at Boston University, is to hone foreign-language skills.

Spanish, Arabic and Chinese are increasingly important for doing business, she says, and recommends learning the basics of a language beforehand and becoming comfortable with it while traveling.

Add that to a résumé, she says. For a high-schooler, it demonstrates to colleges a drive and determination, and employers are always seeking the multilingual, she adds.

Next, blogging and posting pictures of travel time with friends around the world creates a record for years to come. Dr. Jacobs points out that human resources people may check an individual's social media channels, and a world-savvy personal network can reveal global connections.

Third, there's the chance to build friendships that last. When there is travel with students from other schools and communities, she says it presents a unique opportunity for great new relationships and networking.

Next, she says to volunteer and make the most of a chance to do good in the host country. Taking pictures provides the chance to post them on social channels.

This not only shows strong character to a prospective boss or admissions officer, Dr. Jacobs contends, but it’s also a great opportunity to learn what's not in a guidebook about a country.

She also espouses connecting with caring people who are trying to make a difference.

Lastly, the experience can develop an ability to be more mindful and tolerant of others.

Building cross-cultural communication skills and global awareness and interacting with people in other cultures through travel, provides a key advantage – what's being called “cultural intelligence” – in today’s diverse workplace.

Whether applying to college, grad school or a first job, the advantage can make a big difference, she says..

Elaborating on this kind of experience, Dr. David Livermore, president of the Cultural Intelligence Center in Holt, Mich., points to questions like: What was it like to be a foreigner in another culture or to communicate across a language barrier.

Employers are looking for just this kind of critical thinking and creative problem solving, Livermore says. They can be talking points for a job interview, he notes.



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