Frequently Asked Questions

Victory State Bank Mobile App

Frequently Asked Questions


What features are available?

Our application offers a wide range of functionality. You can:

·         Register and login securely

·         View balance information including year-to-date information

·         Search through history of transactions

·         Transfer funds from one account to another

·         Find ATM and branch locations by your GPS location or a selected ZIP code


What types of devices are supported?

·         Android phone or Tablet versions 2.2 and higher are supported.

·         iPhone or iPad versions 4.3 and higher are supported.

I just downloaded the app. I can access items like ATM/branch locations, but can’t access others such as the account balances. What should I do now?


Features such as ATM/branch locations, Help, and Open Account are available as soon as you complete the download. However, you must first be registered with our internet banking Desktop version prior to accessing password protected information, such as Accounts, Transfers, and Settings from your mobile device


How does the device registration process work?

You must first be enrolled in our Internet Banking to use the app. After enrolling in Internet Banking and downloading the app, you must register your mobile device. To complete this process, follow these steps:

1.    Enter your user name

2.    Answer the challenge question

3.    Review and accept the disclosure

4.    Enter and PIN/password from Internet Banking to get into the app

5.    You must verify the security key in this process as well, much like Internet Banking

After the device registration process is completed, you may log into the app by entering your user name and password only.


Do I have to enter in my username/ID each time I login?

Once your device is registered and you are logged in, you can navigate to the Settings function and select User Id not Saved.   This will change to User id saved.   The next time you login you will only be prompted to enter in your PIN/Password as your device ID is registered with the mobile app service.   


I am having trouble registering my device. What should I do now?

If you are having difficulty registering your device, it is recommended to verify that you are an active user of Internet banking. First, log into Internet banking to confirm your login credentials. If you still have issues using the app, contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




What if I lose my mobile device?

Access to the app is password protected. To ensure your security, it is recommended to contact our help desk as we can either block your device, or un-register your device for mobile banking. Also, you can call one of our office locations to have the mobile app disabled on your device.


How can I see more account history in my mobile app?

In the Settings function you can choose how much history you wish to see, from 1 to 99 days.