Giving Your Business Vehicle A Makeover

Staten Island commercial bank recounts ideas for rejuvenating your auto


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – With the average new-car price exceeding $30,000, there may be reasons to keep the existing one, but does it seem a bit tired?


Victory State Bank, Staten Island's only community-based business bank, shares some pointers for renewing a vehicle's appearance and performance.


After all, the bank offers, a vehicle represents the company that owns it and conveys an impression when it shows up at a job site.


A little nip-tuck, new shoes and a few shiny accessories can make such a vehicle exciting again without breaking the budget, according to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), the trade organization representing the automotive aftermarket industry.

“The possibilities are tremendous. You’d be amazed how just a few hundred dollars of accessories can completely change and enhance a vehicle,” Chris Kersting, SEMA president and CEO, says in an article about simple upgrades.

SEMA's pointers review the following.


1) Wheels and tires: One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to freshen up the look and improve the safety comfort and performance of any vehicle is to get new “shoes” — a set of custom wheels and specialty/performance tires.

There are literally thousands of combinations. Start at a local tire shop or specialty wheel store where they can tell you what fits your vehicle and budget, present some options and do the installation.

2) Mobile electronics: Another way to make your vehicle more appealing to drive is to install some modern mobile electronics. Today’s selection of car audio equipment, navigation systems, backup cameras and more is broad and can fit a range of budgets. Plus, they can be installed on just about any vehicle and instantly make the drive more convenient.

3) LED lighting: Once the domain of clunky and inefficient incandescent bulbs, accessory lighting has moved to LED technology with nearly limitless applications. Fog lights, driving lights, work lights and even interior lights are now available in compact LED format, which uses less energy, emits less heat and can be many times brighter.

4) Running boards: If you’re feeling like your truck or SUV has gotten taller since you’ve owned it, it probably means you’re just a little less excited about climbing in and out of it. A set of running boards under the doors can make getting in and exiting more comfortable and elegant. Don’t like the look? There are running boards that can extend and retract automatically for a clean look and functionality when needed.

5) Bed organizers: There’s a lot of space in a pickup truck bed and not all of it is needed all the time. Bed organizers have roll-out drawers and load-carrying tops to keep cargo safe and organized.

6) Suspension parts: Like anything that happens gradually, springs and shocks often wear out almost imperceptibly, allowing for less control. A fresh set will get a ride feeling like new and aid in safer driving. Upgraded models can even be installed for better-than-new ride and handling.

7) Engine performance: There are several ways to make improvements to an engine. “Bolt-on” parts let your engine breathe easier for increased power and efficiency. Moreover, a supercharger can be installed to increase horsepower significantly. There are kits for many popular cars and trucks, especially V-8s.

8) Restyling: Improving a vehicle’s looks goes beyond custom wheels. There are plenty of companies that make cosmetic body kits that, when properly installed, can give a vehicle a fresh appearance.

9) Wraps: If the paint on your car is worn out, consider getting it wrapped. Several companies offer hundreds of color and pattern options that are a good alternative to having your car re-sprayed. The best thing is, they’re durable, removable and affordable, so you can change them as often as you like.

10) Car care: Good, old-fashioned deep cleaning and polishing can improve and protect a vehicle's appearance. Automotive cleaners, soaps and waxes are available for all surfaces and materials and can be purchased at auto parts stores.

“It never ceases to amaze me how innovative this industry is,” said Kersting. “If you can think of a product you’d like to have, it’s likely available... And if it’s not available now, it soon will be.”



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