Clues That Your Commercial Vehicle Needs Service

Staten Island business bank shares hints for business owners


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Like a personal car, a business vehicle needs maintenance, and there often are indications when serious issues signal their need for attention.

Victory State Bank, Staten Island's only community-based commercial bank, offers that owners may want to follow the lead by folks in the car-care business.


One such source, ACDelco, contends that some emerging problems emit easily detected indicators.


For example, the smell of burnt toast might be a sign of an electrical short.


The smell of rotten eggs may signal trouble with the emissions system, which includes the catalytic converter.


These and other tips are in “Knowledge Is Power,” a free booklet that’s part of a car-care and maintenance clinic developed by ACDelco.


The booklet is part of a presentation kit available to auto service centers at no charge. The booklet can also be accessed at The site additionally has a link to a similarly named video seminar.


With these pointers, vehicle owners can get easy-to-understand information about their vehicles so they can be informed and make the right choices when they visit an auto service center, ACDelco says.


The following are some things that the company says owners may not know about a vehicle.


§  Reddish stains on the driveway can be a sign of a transmission oil leak.


§  If a technician asks if the vehicle’s brakes are “grabbing,” he wants to know if the brakes engage suddenly when steady pressure is applied to the brake pedal.


§  Pull over immediately if the temperature light reads in the hot zone. That probably means the vehicle’s coolant is too hot to cool the engine.


§  Many brake pads have wear indicators. If the vehicle has them, they will emit loud squeals when they detect wear.


§  It’s a good idea to write down the vehicle’s symptoms before visiting a repair shop, including noise s— and whether these occur when the engine is hot or cold.


§  Air bags work with safety belts, not as a replacement for them.


§  Always keep at least a half tank of gas in a vehicle to avoid potential damage to its fuel filter or fuel line.

§  Check tire pressure frequently for safety and fuel economy. Hot and cold outside temperatures affect the pressure in tires.


§  Avoid oil and fuel additives unless recommended by a service consultant.


§  Don’t use dish detergent to wash a car; it can hurt clear-coat finishes.


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