Salary Tops Health Care Among Job Seekers

Staten Island commercial bank views how priorities are focused


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Job offers that don't include health insurance may be surprisingly acceptable, according to a national survey of unemployed Americans.


Victory State Bank, Staten Island's only community-based business bank, says the findings show how keenly job seekers center on a salary to support their family.


A national poll posing questions to learn what was more important – a paycheck or health insurance – found the majority of unemployed Americans (77 percent) would apparently take the job, even if it meant no health insurance.


Online career network  surveyed more than 5,000 job seekers across the country. A dozen questions sought to determine if health care was really the main concern for those seeking work, and most respondents apparently were just interested in a salary to support a family.


§  61 percent of those who participated in the survey said that their top priority when it comes to a job is salary, not health care.


§  That’s despite approximately 32 percent of respondents saying they currently don’t have health insurance, with nearly 50 percent indicating they haven’t had health insurance for more than a year.


§  89 percent of respondents said they’d do just about anything to find a job, including working long hours and/or weekends.


Surveyed were job seekers from the Millennial, Gen X and Baby Boomer generations. A report of the results noted that surprisingly, the majority of respondents from each generation reported that they’d consider job offers even if they didn’t include health insurance at all — despite numerous reports citing the increased need for health care across the board, especially with Baby Boomers.


Beyond, in King of Prussia, Pa., is a career network that describes itself as helping professionals find jobs and advance their careers.


“We decided to go out and ask job seekers exactly what they were thinking,” said a statement by Joe Weinlick, vice president of marketing at the Beyond network.


“A big part of finding a job is confidence, and while health care is certainly an important issue, we’ve found that those looking for work are more concerned about things like honing interview skills or updating their resume. Health insurance is one of many factors people need to weigh when considering a job offer, but you have to get the job offer first.”


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