FBI Warns Collective Impact of Computer Intrusions is ‘Staggering’


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Victory State Bank, Staten Island’s only community-based business bank, is reminding computer uses – and that’s just about everyone these days – to be extra diligent when it comes to protecting their devices from a cyber invasion

The bank is pointing to warnings from the FBI about the threat of high-tech criminals.

Every day, criminals are invading countless homes and offices across the nation — not by breaking down windows and doors, but by breaking into laptops, personal computers, and wireless devices via hacks and bits of malicious code, warns the FBI.

The agency’s website speaks of computer intrusions: The collective impact is staggering, says the FBI. Billions of dollars are lost every year repairing systems hit by such attacks. Some take down vital systems, disrupting and sometimes disabling the work of hospitals, banks, and 9-1-1 services around the country.

Who is behind such attacks? The FBI says that it runs the gamut — from computer geeks looking for bragging rights … to businesses trying to gain an upper hand in the marketplace by hacking competitor websites, from rings of criminals wanting to steal your personal information and sell it on black markets … to spies and terrorists looking to rob our nation of vital information or launch cyber strikes.

Today, these computer intrusion cases — counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and criminal—are the paramount priorities of the FBI’s cyber program because of their potential relationship to national security.



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