5 Things Buyers Should Know About Receipts in New York City


As an advocate of honest business practices, Victory State Bank, Staten Island’s only community-based commercial bank, is reminding New York City consumers the receipts for purchases have fundamental requirements.

In NYC, a business must give you a receipt for purchases over $20 automatically, and upon request for purchases between $5 and $20, explains the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). A receipt may not show a credit card’s expiration date or more than its last five digits.

Receipts in New York City must show:

1) Business name and address and, if licensed by Department of Consumer Affairs, the business’ DCA license number

2) Amount of money paid for each item

3) Total amount paid, including a separate line for any tax

4) Date of the purchase

5) Make and model of any electronic purchase that costs more than $100