Business Owners Can Learn from Super Bowl’s Example

Commercial Bank on Staten Island Cites Big Game’s Value to Entrepreneurs


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. (Feb. 3, 2016) – The Super Bowl will mark its 50th anniversary on Sunday, providing sports entertainment to the masses, as well as profits for a host of businesses. For some, the TV commercials accompanying the annual event, as well has the half-time show, are as eagerly anticipated as the football game itself.

Obviously, not everyone can benefit financially from the huge sums of money generated by the Super Bowl. However, if you are a business owner whose bottom line sees little or no benefit from the game, there are a number of ways the Super Bowl can inspire a positive entrepreneurial direction.

With this in mind, Victory State Bank, Staten only community-based commercial bank, is sharing “Five Useful Business Lessons the Super Bowl Teaches Us,” from the perspective of Staten Island, N.Y.-headquartered Relevant Public Relations LLC.

According to the public relations/marketing firm, the way the Super Bowl  is conducted is an education for business owners large and small.

Here are five public relations and marketing tactics you can learn on the weekend of the big game – and use throughout the year.


Ads, articles and discussions about the Super Bowl are seemingly everywhere. The excitement sparks the interest of big-budget advertisers, and spectators get a chance to enjoy the commercials as well as the game.

Lesson: Don’t sit back and wait for sales. Promote your enterprise. Grab the audience’s attention if you want to increase interest in the products or services your business provides. You may not have a Super Bowl budget, but you should be marketing your business, even on a small scale – to fuel its growth.


No one can guarantee a championship game will deliver championship excitement.

Lesson: You actually have an advantage over the Super Bowl when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction. There is no mystery here; just do what needs to be done to keep your customers happy and loyal.


The Super Bowl is a component of show business, a feature of all spectator sports.

Lesson: Make your customers feel at home and appreciated. Consider sponsoring entertainment events in your local community. If you have a good sense of humor, and the time is right, share a laugh with a client.


We all are aware that some professional athletes and other celebrities say or act inappropriately. This often results in a damaged or destroyed reputation – and this obviously is not good for business.

Lesson: You may not be a celebrity, but in today’s world of fast-pace communications, word of a behavioral misstep can travel fast. Be careful how you treat others, including someone you may deem a troublesome customer – and be extremely cautious when using social media.


It’s obvious that not everyone is a football fan, and some people could not care less about the Super Bowl. The half-time show, however, draws additional interest, as it’s likely to please many who are not fans of the game.

Lesson: You can’t please everyone. But you may be able to add a complementary product or service that draws additional clientele.





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