One Dozen Ways to Protect Your Personal Data When Dealing with Companies


With the threat of identity theft an ongoing concern, Victory State Bank is urging consumers to be extra diligent when sharing their personal information with companies.

To protect personal data, Staten Island’s only community-based commercial bank advises that people follow these tips from

1)       Ask companies how they will use your personal information.

2)       Find out how your personal information will be stored and protected from hackers and data breaches.

3)       Read the privacy policies from companies that you interact with. Don't assume that they will provide the level of privacy that you want.

4)       Look for privacy statements on websites, sales materials, and forms that you fill out. 

5)       Only provide the purchase date, model and serial numbers, and your contact information on warranty registration forms.

6)       Opt-out if you do not want the company to share your personal information with other companies.

7)       Find out what protections an organization will put in place, such as free credit reports or credit monitoring, if your information was compromised in a data breach.

8)       Change your password for your e-mail account and for a company's customer portal, if the company reports that they have had a data breach.

9)       Be careful about what you post on social media. Data brokers may scrape your online profile to create a consumer file about you and sell it to other companies, without your knowledge.

10)   Use cash rather than electronic payment options, if you want to keep your purchase behavior private.

11)   Beware of using cell phones in stores or using the free Wi-Fi in a store. By using these networks, retailers can track which aisles you visited and items you looked at. 

12)   Disable cookies when shopping online to prevent companies from tracking your online browsing habits.

Check with your state or local consumer agency to find out whether state laws help protect your privacy. 



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