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image of the exterior of a branch of victory state bank

About VSB Bancorp, Inc.

VSB Bancorp, Inc. is the one-bank holding company for Victory State Bank, a New York State chartered commercial bank. As a result of Victory State Bank’s reorganization into the holding company form on May 30, 2003, the stockholders of Victory State Bank became the stockholders of VSB Bancorp, Inc., receiving three shares of VSB Bancorp, Inc. stock for each two shares of Victory State Bank stock that they owned. Each stockholder held the same percentage interest in VSB Bancorp, Inc. immediately after the reorganization that the stockholder held in Victory State Bank immediately before the reorganization. VSB Bancorp, Inc. now owns 100% of the common stock of Victory State Bank.

VSB Bancorp, Inc. is listed on the OTCQB Market under the symbol “VSBN.”